The AwareGuide, the guide to life changing media, announced the results of the Top Transformational Films of 2013. The top films were selected as Viewer’s Choice and Editor’s Choice from the 33 films that were included in the voting, which included 5 films that were on this year’s Academy Award shortlist. Awards were also selected by the Editors in the categories of Impact, Inspiration, Youth, and Solutions.

“A Transformational film” according to AwareGuide founder and CEO, Gary Tomchuk, “seeks to inspire the movement of society towards ideals, values and practices that create a better world for everyone.   They focus on solutions for subjects such as: Consciousness, Environment, Health, and Social Issues.”

            The Viewer’s Choice Award winners were selected by over 15,000 people from more than 50 countries that voted.  The voting was very competitive with the top films changing the lead several times.  With the close voting and some technical challenges both Take Back Your Power and The Ghosts in Our Machine have been awarded the Viewer’s Choice Award. The complete results for all the films in the voting can be found at the end of this article.


The Top Transformational Films of 2013 Viewer’s Choice top 10 are:

1.  The Ghosts in Our Machine (Tie)

1.   Take Back Your Power (Tie)
3.   Blackfish
4.   GMO OMG
5.   The Paw Project
6.   Gasland 2
7.   Occupy Love
8.   The Crash Reel
9.   How I Became an Elephant
10.  More Than Honey

The Editor’s Choice selections were selected by the AwareGuide staff, editors and reviewers as films that embody the best of transformation and filmmaking.  The AwareGuide Editor’s Choice selections for 2013 are:

  •  Top Overall- Wings of Life
  •  Top Social Issue – Blackfish 
  •  Top Consciousness - Room to Breathe
  •  Top Environment - Rebels With a Cause
  •  Top Health Issues - The Crash Reel

 The winner of the 2013 Impact Award is Blackfish.  This documentary about Orcas in captivity is having amazing impact, not only sparking a global conversation about how animals in captivity are treated, it has had a direct effect on the performers scheduled to play at SeaWorld, and on the attendance and stock price of SeaWorld.   Runner up is The Paw Project which shines light on the impact of declawing cats, and helped to change laws in California.

The 2013 Inspiration Award goes to Wings of Life. The photography of this film is amazing! The slow motion flight of pollinators in the form of bees, hummingbirds, bats, etc. is stunning. Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg does a brilliant job in telling the story of the importance of protecting these creatures, not out of fear, but by making you love them.  The Crash Reel, another masterful film by Lucy Walker, illustrates the challenges of Olympic hopeful Kevin Pearce, his friends and family after a traumatic brain injury while training.

The 2013 Youth Award goes to How I Became an Elephantwhich tells the story of 14 year old Juliette West and her quest to help elephants. Girl Rising, featuring 9 young changemakers from around the world, was runner up.

The Solutions Award was a tie between Ground Operations, about veterans working on organic farms as a solution to our food and the health issues they face in returning from war, and Bringing It Home, about the potential for industrial hemp to provide non-toxic materials and boost our economy.

Issue based films face a challenge in connecting people to the cause; the Experiential Award recognizes films that achieve that goal. Living on One Dollar takes you to Guatemala with 4 college students who share their experiences in living on $1/day as so much of the world does. Room to Breathe takes us inside a troubled classroom to experience the effect of mindfulness training to show possibilities in education

Editor’s Choice Award Summary






The Paw Project


Wings of Life

The Crash Reel


How I Became an Elephant

Girl Rising

Solutions - Tie

Ground Operations

Bringing it Home


Living on One Dollar

Room to Breathe

            “This was a fantastic year for transformational movies with so many good films delivering important messages that it’s challenging to select the top films” says Tomchuk. “My favorite comment from people who come to vote is about discovering films that they never knew existed, as these films often get lost in today’s media world. The AwareGuide creates a place to find these movies that matter”.

Complete Viewer's Choice list results:

The Ghosts in Our Machine

Take Back Your Power
Paw Project
Gasland 2
Occupy Love
The Crash Reel
How I Became an Elephant
Femme: Women Healing the World
More than Honey
Money & Life
Ground Operations
Wings of Life
Plastic Paradise
Do the Math
Living on One Dollar
Unacceptable Levels
Inequality for All
The Square
Beyond Right and Wrong
Girl Rising
A Place at the Table
God Loves Uganda
Neurons to Nirvana
Rebels with a Cause
Fierce Green Fire
Shored Up
Walking the Camino
Bringing it Home
Room to Breathe

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